Set Impossible Goals and Achieve Innovative Change

Do you want to have impact? Achieve big changes for your company or industry? You need to set an impossible goal.

How Do I Set an Impossible Goal?

optimistic thinkingThere are two keys to setting an impossible goal, empathy and optimistic thinking. Both of these need to be done in a place that is beyond your comfort zone and fall into the extremes of your thinking. Empathy is what will help you feel the pain of the struggles of the problem you want to solve. You need to be able to dig deep into the problem and understand it and feel the pain of it. With that passion for the problem, you next rely on your optimistic thinking. This lets you dream big to brainstorm solutions and believe they are possible. Use this to set your impossible goal.

This thinking is what will breed innovation and change. If you can engage in this thinking as a part of a team, you will be able to harness the different strengths across the team to optimize your ideas and solutions. To learn more about developing a team click here.

How Do I Achieve the Impossible

While the brainstorming happened in the extremes of your thinking, the planning needs to move towards your comfort zone of thinking. You need to start by considering the solution(s) from a perspective of being possible. Analyze the solution and figure out how to make it happen. Now you may not be able to come up with a way to make the solution happen in its current state but this will help you find parts of it that are possible or see places where it is possible if you scale something down. As you discover these possibilities, spend more time fleshing out the goal and set measurable objectives.

Now you want to move to the middle of your comfort zone and plan how you will achieve the goal and objectives. At this point, you want to be realistic about your resources and time. Taking these into account, layout specific plans to achieve the goal. At this point find a way to step away from you optimistic thinking and come up with everything that can go wrong. Identify potential obstacles and develop contingencies to meet them.

Present these plans to people who were not a part of the brainstorming and goal design. These may be stakeholders, company leaders, clients, depending on the situation. Get a sense of their buy-in. This process provides a “reality check” and makes sure that the plans to achieve the goal are realistic given the resources and time schedule you have. If necessary, adjust the plans to make sure you have the necessary buy-in and support.

Now it is time to put things in motion. Throw all the passion that you had in the brainstorming phase into the implementation and take the steps necessary to implement the plans you have set. If you have done a god job presenting your plan and getting buy-in others will be throwing their passion alongside of yours. And the result…you create change and innovation.

Remember to find the problems and to brainstorm outside of your thinking comfort zone and then do your actual planning and implementation based in realistic thinking.

Interested in learning more? Check out these links.

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